Many of you have asked me to go to a KPRC Board meeting and address my questions there, so yesterday I did just that. After the Board meeting ended I was given the microphone and asked two questions. The first was that I was under the understanding that Kings Point had no employees and whether or not this was correct? Frank Iovine answered “yes”. Then I followed by asking if it had no employees who was writing the checks? Who was responsible for the money. Several time they claimed they did not understand the question. I followed by stating: for the $24 million dollar budget….who pays the bills? Lisa Manzione attempted to answer my question but I don’t feel I got a straight answer. The second question was that the Board had just unanimously voted to approve Vesta’s contract for another five years, a $6 million plus contract which was not due for another six months. I asked if any of the directors had seen the contract prior to voting for it. Frank quickly answered by saying; they can see it any time (after the fact). I followed by asking how I could see it and Frank (I believe it was him) answered that it was proprietary and Lisa also responded that it was none of my business. After the meeting I went up to Lisa and asked her if she would me with me and she immediately said “absolutely no”, I asked her why and she followed “because all my ideas are ridiculous” I then asked her which one, she followed: “all of them”. I told her I thought that was a terrible decision by an executive ( not to try to diffuse the situation) and then I left.