Kings Point is an incredible community with 7,200 condominiums and a host of recreational facilities some of which are like no where else. However, over the years its monthly condo fees keep going up making them unaffordable for many owners. There are two ways to lower these fees, the first is to cut cost and the second is to increase revenue. Increasing revenue is by far the easiest of the two given its location, the number of residents and the immediate surrounding areas. The following will address ideas on raising revenue most of which could be done without adding additional cost to the owners. For every $7,200 increase in revenue we can lower our HOA fees by one dollar.

OUR THEATER – With 1,300+ seats its most likely the largest revenue generator we have at Kings Point. So why not open it to shows all year round? There is plenty of talent available and although our snow birds have gone home there are still approximately 8,000 full time residents and a huge outside population living within a five mile radius. It may take a little marketing to fill it up in the summer, but just think of the revenue which could be generated. In 2023 our theater income was $540,000, with a cost of $260,000. Besides adding additional show dates, last minute ticket could be sold online at a reduced cost in order to fill an otherwise empty showroom.

Let's begin with our theater which is the largest one in the area.

Rules which in my opinion should be changed

Has anyone ever looked into the possibility of converting Kings Point Par 3 golf course into housing and building more condos and using that profit to lower the HOA fees of the 7,200 existing units? Does Kings Point really need two golf courses?